Dr. Sherri Worth’s patients include models,  sports figures, celebrities, business professionals and stay-at-home moms who want to look their best. Here are just a few of the comments that Dr. Worth has received from her patients.
Terry Donahue
Terry Donahue, general manager of the San Francisco 49ers and former coach for the UCLA Bruins, says:
“Dr. Worth has been a great dentist for our entire family. She provides us with wonderful dental care. We couldn’t be more pleased. And she’s the best looking dentist in Newport Beach.”
Kelly Carlson
Kelly Carlson, model and actor, said that she researched many cosmetic dentists before she called Dr. Worth’s office in Newport Beach. She says:
“….By far, the most popular name was Dr. Sherri Worth. Although I live in L.A., the commute is definitely worth it. She is an artist with a great eye. Not only has she taken care of my veneers, but also all my dental needs. I felt extremely comfortable having a woman work on my smile, knowing she can relate to another woman’s appearance. She also takes care of my family and friends. As I result, I have a great friendship with Sherri.”
Mary Baldoni
  Mary Baldoni is a stay-at-home mom who knows the value of having a beautiful smile.
She says:

“Dr. Sherri Worth is a total perfectionist and her attention to detail is incredible. Dr. Worth will not allow anyone to leave her office unless his or her teeth are esthetically perfect. She is a natural artist and great with her hands. Dr. Worth treats my entire family – she is great with children. My son aspires to be a dentist thanks to Dr. Worth’s inspiration and caring attitude.”

Daniel Materdomani
Daniel Materdomani, Owner and President DaVinci Dental Studios

" We have worked together for the past ten years and we have produced incredible smiles transformations - she is very dedicated to her artistry and profession. Dr. Worth is a beauty, so is her work, and so is her swing on the tee."

Dr. Malcolm D. Paul
Dr. Malcolm D. Paul, M.D., plastic surgeon:
   I have had the pleasure to work with Dr. Sherri Worth over the past several years. She is a superb cosmetic dentist with impressive artistic talent. Her commitment to excellence in aesthetic dental restoration is evident in her work product.  The value of aesthetic dentistry in the template of facial rejuvenation is incredibly important in producing true harmony in appearance.  I continue to be impressed with the quality of her work.
Lucy Rawlins
Lucy Rawlins, UCLA Grad and former Lobbyist, mother of two. She says:

“Dr. Sherri Worth is one of the most respected dentists in Newport Beach because of her expertise in cosmetic and reconstructive dentistry. She has made such a difference in so many people’s lives and is a true asset to this community in so many ways… she serves on the distinguished Mentor Program at Newport Harbor High School, works with Pretend City for local children, and “The Swan” Fox TV Program, and reconstructed local servicemen from the war.  She has a true heart for giving to others. She is one special person.”  You are the best Sherri!!! Love, Lucy